Our Team

The dynamic duo at the back of the house at Telefèric Barcelona.


Oscar Cabezas

“Our team is our secret.” – Oscar Cabezas

Born in the winter in a neighbourhood in Barcleona known as Poblenou, Oscar began his culinary career after studying his law degree.  At age 19 he fell in love with he idea of sharing his message through food and it took him a short time to understand cooking was his world.  He spent time in small bars, rustic restaurants, and Castillian steakhouses and was eager to learn as much as possible in the shortest time.  Oscar obtained his sous-chef position in a restaurant called Tropical in Barcelona specializing in marine cuisine and paellas.  Following his accomplishments, he worked in Arzak ( three Michelin starred in San Sebastian-Donostia). As he continued through culinary school and working in the kitchens of Barcelona he was fortunate to compete and take home ‘Best Tapa in Barcelona with Teleferic (2012). He met the Padrosa family where he was able to take on his new project, Telefèric Restaurants in Barcelona and traveling with Teleferic over to United States.  

Oscar Cabezas, nominated as one of the 50 most influential chef’s of the year, has been building the back of the house teams in all three of our beautiful restaurants (Barcelona, San Cugat, and Walnut Creek).  Through his lifetime of travel and curiosity he was able to take what he has learned to help create the regional taste, local identity and global flavor that is Telefèric Barcelona.  Fluent in Catalan, Spanish, French and English… Oscar is a talent we are proud to have and hard to reckon with.  Feel free to peak in the open kitchen and say hi, he loves creating memories with our guests.

Rodrigo Vazquez

“Growing up in a house with animals, surrounded by fruit trees near the town of Leon.. my garden was my supermarket.”  – Rodrigo Vazquez

Rodrigo Vazquez believes he was born a chef.  He grew up surrounded by family and fruit trees and culinary talent.  Both of his parents worked as cooks which influenced him to embrace the fire of the kitchen.

Rodrigo’s professional career started in a family restaurant in north Barcelona.  While he was working in the Iberic Restaurants, he began his culinary education at Girona Culinary School.  He was fortunate enough to work under the Roca brothers, owners of Celler de Can Roca, which was awarded as the Best Restaurant in the World by San Pellegrino.  Here he learned the tenacity of the industry and the infinite will to continue to learn.  After his time spent with the Roca brothers, he staged at El Bulli under the instruction of Ferran Adria.  Rodrigo learned many of his modern culinary techniques during this stage.

One of Rodrigo’s favorite experience was working as a teacher and mentor in his hometown of Leon.  This enabled and molded his skills in teaching and communicating.  As he arrived to the Padrosa family, it has been an adventure ever since.  Rodrigo and Oscar are a well oiled machine.  They are a perfect pair and have managed and created a back of the house team that is second to none.  Rodrigo is still in awe of the warm welcome of the Bay Area where there has been hard work, team work, and shared accomplishes.  He looks forward to what this adventure in this city continues to bring.