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Escape to Barcelona, No Passport Required


Authentic Spanish Restaurant

Telefèric Barcelona is a family-owned restaurant group in California that serves authentic Spanish tapas, paellas, and innovative cocktails. The Padrosa family, pioneers in the art of 'Pintxos,' has teamed up with a group of Spanish chefs to create a dining experience that transports customers to Spain without the need for a passport. If you're looking for a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine in California, Telefèric Barcelona is the place to be.


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Tapas Style Concept

it is considered a social and cultural experience as much as a culinary one. The Tapas-style concept allow people to try a wide range of flavors and cuisines in a social setting.

Unique Spanish Wine References

"More than 100 wine references exclusively picked by Catalonian sommeliers"

Vibrant Decor

'Traditional materials used in the Mediterranean such as whitewashed, latticework, hand-glazed tiles and local craftsmanship.'

On Point Mixology

"Outstanding mixology program with innovative drinks that will blow your mind!"

Spanish Tapas

'Escape to Barcelona,
No passport required'

Spanish cuisine is a unique experience. It is not just about the food, but also about the culture and tradition of sharing meals with loved ones. Eating is a celebration for Mediterranean people, a chance to come together around the table and connect over tapas, memories, laughter, and aspirations.


At Teleferic Barcelona, we strive to capture the essence of Spanish gastronomy and bring it to life in our restaurant. Our flavorful tapas and lively atmosphere will transport you to the vibrant city of Barcelona and allow you to fully savor the art of Spanish cooking.


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