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Our Story

Spain's rich culinary traditions and modern flair come to life at Teleferic Barcelona, a restaurant imagined and brought to life by siblings Padrosa and their team. From its inception in Barcelona, in 1992 to its evolution as a top dining destination, Telefèric Barcelona celebrates the diversity and innovation of Spanish cuisine in a festive and casual atmosphere. Honoring its roots while embracing the local community, Teleferic Barcelona invites guests to experience and share in the vibrant culture of Spain. Recognized for its excellence, Teleferic Barcelona is a must-try for foodies visiting the Bay Area or Los Angeles.

Teleferic Barcelona in Barcelona

From Barcelona
to California

The Padrosa family, hailing from the Basque region of Spain, opened their first restaurant in Sant Cugat. They were pioneers in bringing the concept of pintxos and tapas to Catalonia. Both Xavi and Maria Padrosa worked at their parents' restaurant for years, eventually branching out to open their own location in the center of Barcelona.

Xavi, the youngest of the Padrosa siblings and a professional tennis player, moved to the Bay Area on a scholarship. He fell in love with the United States and dreamed of opening a restaurant that would feel like home to Spaniards. With the help of his sister, Maria Padrosa, who is responsible for the stunning interior design of the Teleferic restaurants, they are opening their fifth location in 2022. 

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