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Frequent Asked Questions

  • Do you take reservations? 

We highly recommend making a reservation in advance. This can be done easily by using our online reservation system through Open Table or by calling us directly. We understand that things can come up, so we offer a 15-minute grace period for any late arrivals. However, if you anticipate being more than 15 minutes late, please let us know or make any necessary adjustments to your reservation through Open Table. If we do not hear from you, we may release your reservation.

  • Is there a seating time limit? The amount of time that groups are allowed to sit at their table is determined by the number of guests in the group. Groups of 2 to 4 people have a seating time limit of 2:00 or 2:30 hours, while groups of 5 to 8 people have a limit of 3:00 or 3:30 hours.

  • Do you accept walk-ins? Yes. Our walk-in areas are the bar and the kitchen-counter where we offer full-service. 

  • Do you have outdoor seating? Outdoor seating with blankets, heater lamps, and umbrellas is available at all our restaurants, however, please note that availability of umbrellas and heater lamps is limited and may not be provided at every table.

  • Can I bring my dog? Service dogs are permitted both indoors and outdoors. Emotional support dogs will be treated as regular pets and are not allowed inside.

  • Why do you add a 20% Service Charge? A 20% Service Charge is added to each check in order to provide fair wages to all our employees, including those working in the back of the house or front desk. It is our belief that all employees contribute to the service and overall guest experience. This charge is not a gratuity, If you are not comfortable with this policy, the charge can be removed by a manager. Tipping on top of the service charge is not expected or encouraged. This information is clearly stated in every check and at the bottom of all our menus, both online and offline. If your server fails to inform you about this charge or encourages you to leave a tip on top, please notify the manager immediately.

  • Is service charge taxable? Yes, service charges and mandatory gratuities are taxable in California.

  • I forgot my wallet/purse/credit card at your restaurant. What should I do? All lost items are kept in a secure room for one month before being discarded. If you have lost an item, please contact the restaurant by phone or through an online message and our team will assist you. Please note that when picking up a lost credit card, we will require identification.

  • Do you offer different menus for lunch and dinner? The menu is consistent across all locations and does not include sales tax.

  • How long does it take for a paella to be cooked? Paellas take a minimum of 35 minutes to cook. To ensure your satisfaction, we recommend ordering appetizers to share while you wait.

  • Can I preorder food before my arrival at the restaurant? To ensure efficient service, we do not accept pre-orders. 

  • Are your tapas (appetizers) small? Yes. We serve authentic Spanish tapas which are meant to be shared with your dining companions. The portion sizes are consistent with what you would find at a tapas or pintxos restaurant in Barcelona. ​​

  • Can I pay for someone else's bill or certain items? Absolutely, please fill out this form and our team will process your request. To proceed, we will require your credit card details. Rest assured that we take the security of your personal information very seriously, and we will not share or sell any of it

  • I have food allergies, can you accommodate them? We do our best to accommodate nearly all dietary restrictions. Please inform a manager of your allergies upon arrival. However, please note that cross-contamination may occur and we may not be able to accommodate life-threatening or severe allergies.

  • Do you charge a corkage fee? Yes, there is a corkage fee per bottle (750ml), with a maximum of 3 bottles (*$45 at our location in Los Angeles). Magnum corkage fee (1500ml) is $70 (* $90 at our location in Los Angeles). Please note that bottles of wine purchased at 'El Merkat' (our Spanish store) will also be subject to a corkage fee, as they are priced for retail purchase.

  • Corkage Discount: 50% discount on 1 corkage fee when ordering 1 restaurant bottle (this applies bottle per bottle, the bottle needs to be the same volume. Magnum/ Magnum, Regular/ Regular).Does not apply to Spirits or Liquor bottles.

  • It's my birthday, can I bring my own cake? Definitely, there is no cutting fee. Our team will store and slice it for you upon arrival. As an added bonus, we offer a complimentary individual brownie with a candle for your birthday, please inform our team in advance.

  • Are your restaurants wheel-chair accesible? Yes. 

  • Do you have a changing room for families? All our locations (with the exception of the restroom in the Walnut Creek building, which is shared with other restaurants and businesses) have at least one changing table available.

  • Do you have a cloakroom? No 

  • Is there a private parking or valet? Our location in Los Angeles has a parking valet. All our other locations do not have private or valet parking. 

  • Do you validate parking? No

  • Do you sell gift cards? Yes, we offer two types of gift cards. Dine-in gift cards can only be used for dining at the restaurant and cannot be used for takeout, whereas El Merkat gift cards can only be used in our store and not for dining. Additionally, gift cards purchased in the USA cannot be redeemed at our locations in Spain and vice versa. You can purchase gift cards here.

  • What measures to prevent the spread of covid are you following? All our staff is fully vaccinated and we have arranged our tables in compliance with CDC guidelines. Wearing masks is not a requirement to enter our premises, nor do we ask for proof of vaccination.

  • Do you still hold flamenco dancing shows? Unfortunately, our flamenco shows have not yet resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic, but we may hold them on special occasions

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